Main Transmitter: KDAG-FM broadcasts 24 hours a day from Knickerbocker Peaks, northeast of Aztec, New Mexico with 100,000 watts effective radiated power at 307 meters above average terrain.  KDAG moved to this site in May of 2001.

KDAG-FM utilizes a Continental 816R-2C 21.5kw FM transmitter with 802D digital exciter. The transmitter feeds an ERI combiner along with stations KAZX-FM and KTRA-FM into an ERI SHPX-10AC6-SP circularly-polarized FM broadcast antenna. 

Translators: The Dog is rebroadcast on translators K230AF, Kirtland, NM at 93.9 with 250 watts vertical ERP from the KDAG auxilary tower near Farmington - and K294AJ, Durango, CO at 106.7 with 150 watts circular ERP from Smelter Mountain just south of Durango.

Backup Site:  KDAG's former main site, on Highway 371 south of Farmington serves as a backup to the Knickerbocker site.