(Yahoo!) - This takes the term "friendly exes" to a whole new level.

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, who divorced in 2007, reunited Wednesday at the Golden Gods Awards and they didn't waste any time, um, reconnecting. Wearing a black studded strapless dress, the 42-year-old posed with the Jane's Addiction and Camp Freddy rocker, 46, on the red carpet, standing in front of him with her arms reached extended back around him, clearly hamming it up for spectators.

For a Twitter photo Navarro posted online, they became even more… candid:

Despite their French kiss, it was just silly fun for the pair, who memorably documented their relationship on MTV reality shows "Carmen and Dave: An MTV Love Story" and then "'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave." Navarro tells Yahoo, "We will always be the best of friends, but we are not back together!" And a rep for Electra says, "They are not back together. They have stayed friends, and are just being playful."

The same photo appears on the Instagram page of Navarro's music management company, The Spread Group, with the caption: "Nice running into the Ex tonight! ;)"

Besides, Electra has been linked to Tal Cooperman, owner of the L.A.-based CRSL clothing line, since they met in February.

When Electra and Navarro split less than three years after their 2003 nuptials, she told People magazine, "We talk every day. We're still really good friends. ... We're positive, and we've stayed connected. It's OK." And it seems that things between them are still very friendly. Very friendly. Very very.