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Ozzy Osbourne says he's been on the wagon now for nearly eleven months.  But the Black Sabbath frontman tells CNN's "Piers Morgan Live" it's a constant battle to maintain his sobriety, and one he'll never win on his own.  However, he says having a support network is a big help. 

Ozzy also admits Black Sabbath's current round of success provides many opportunities to stumble.  He explains that touring is particularly tough, because after a great show he'll "want the party to continue."  But the singer says these days he combats the temptations by avoiding any post-concert socializing, and instead goes straight from the stage into a car and leaves the area. 

And Ozzy is getting more chances this year to test his resolve.  Black Sabbath will launch a world tour in Brooklyn, New York on March 31st.  The band will also be at this weekend's Grammy Awards.  Sabbath is a three-time nominee, and will take part in the ceremony as a presenter. 

Meanwhile, Ozzy's wife Sharon says Justin Bieber is another star who could really benefit from a strong support network.  She admits she gives him a hard time on "The Talk," but says she feels bad for him.  Osbourne explains that international fame, money, and youth is a dangerous combination, and the 19-year-old pop superstar isn't handling it well.  But Sharon also has a remedy.  She says Bieber could really use "a good slap and a talking to," to "bring him back down to the real world."