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The filmmakers behind the ill-fated Gregg Allman biopic are denying the charges they're facing in connection with the death of crew member Sarah Jones.

Entertainment Weekly says director Randall Miller and Jody Savin, who surrendered to authorities earlier this week, appeared in court Thursday and entered not guilty pleas to charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass.  The charges stem from the fatal train accident, which killed Jones and injured several others while they were shooting the film "Midnight Rider" on a train trestle in Georgia. 

Through their attorney Miller and Savin have also issued their first public statement on the matter, saying they're "broken" over the devastating loss of Sarah," and their silence has been "out of respect" for the Jones family.  The filmmakers explain that they've been making movies for decades and "have never had a significant injury or accident of any kind," nor have they had a crew member quit over safety concerns.  They add that "the true facts of the events" of February 20th will show that "this was not a crime" but "a horrible tragedy and a horrific accident," and they "never had criminal intent." 

Miller and Savin also vow to dedicate themselves to "honoring Sarah's memory by promoting the safest work environment for everybody in the film industry." 

Photo: Getty Images