I noticed a story in the news today, and wanted to stray to the serious side to discuss it.

In Northern Iran on Tuesday, it was execution day for Balal. He had killed an 18 year old in a knife fight in 2007. Everyone in town had gathered in the square to bear witness. His Mother was on hand, begging the victim's family for forgiveness.

Iran executes the second most humans a year worldwide, trailing only China. One of the interesting components of that is that the family of the victim gets to participate in the deed as they choose, most times kicking out the chair to hang the accused.

Or not.

It seems the victim's parents took a different way. As Balal stood on the chair, blindfolded, waiting to hang by the neck until he was dead, something quite amazing happened.

The victim's Mother stood on a chair herself to get to the height he was at, screamed a curse at him...and slapped him across the face.

Then, she, along with the rest of the family, removed the noose from around his neck, and spared his life.

Just today, I posted a meme on my FB about "hurt my kid, and I'll hunt you down and hurt you." But could I do what this woman did? This family?

Could I forgive? Could you? Anyone? I go ballistic when someone cuts me off driving.

Answer is, maybe I don't have a clue what I would do.

And maybe that bothers me.