Face it. Sometimes we find ourselves with bizarre dilemmas. Chief among those for me are as follows:

1) What should I eat to destroy my health even more right now?

2) What black concert shirt or witty cat picture shirt am I wearing to work today?  

My needs are simple compared to people that involve themselves in the lives of others. Especially others they DON'T KNOW! If I don't know somebody, I keep my thoughts to myself. I think the hell out of it, but keep it to myself. I don't care about your bidness.

Again some cannot stop themselves. They need to know every detail! A pastor from Seattle has come up with a little system to help. He was inspired by questions regarding his adopted daughter who is (GASP!!) of another race.

It's a good, polite system for good polite people. Me? I have trouble from time to time when I come across immense stupidity, and despite the fact that I am very docile because of the meds I take, bear (me) plus poking stick (idiot) always equals fail for stick.

In the past, things got thrown. These days, the worst that happens is I might hurt myself rolling my eyes.

But I have good health care. And I don't mind equating things to boobs.