I needed some Adam time. We all need time to ourselves. Get out of our head, away from work. Just go anywhere else but where we are. It's a simple solution to a problem. It had been a long time since I had been to Telluride, and I am very partial to the mountains and the forests and such, so I thought the perfect plan would be to head north a few hours, stay in Tell, take some pictures, maybe take a hike, and enjoy the local color.

And by color, I mean green. Lol. Hey! it's my vacation!

I left on Saturday after my remote. About 4pm. it is blowing maniac outside, and I am glad to get on the road. And my joy comes to a screeching halt when I drive into a blizzard. White out/low visibility conditions. But what the hell. I have front wheel drive, this should be fine. a little hairy a few times, but fine.

Get to Telluride, and there is a snowstorm there as well. in fact, it snowed over a foot while I was there, but it was beautiful!

Things I  learned in Telluride:

1) It can snow anywhere, anytime.

2) Go for the skiing, stay for the library.

3) It can be very hard to find a meal in town after 7pm on a Saturday night.

4) At the Most Expensive Market In North America, Organic, Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Halves are $14.00 a pound.

5) You bought the damn camera, why you no use it?!??!

6) Go to The Green Room! Tell 'em Adam sent you!

7) Bears are no longer "cute".


On the way back, another blizzard. All the way to just past Rico. Saw my first blue sky yesterday in Dolores. Gigantic dust storm between Breen and Red Mesa.

Rizzo was glad to see me.

I will return soon.

I like this song...

Dave Navarro looks very different now, no?