The Japanese name for Godzilla is Gojira, a cross between two words, Gorilla and Whale. Not sure exactly where you get a giant lizard out of that, but it doesn't matter now. He's The King Of Monsters. End thread/.

Back home, there were a couple of different "Creature Feature" programs that would show classic monster movies on Fridays and Saturday nights. A host would get into some crazy/spooky/sexy character, and provide entertainment during the commercial breaks, announcing the movies. Some of them became extremely famous, cult heroes who would show up at car shows or grocery store openings and make extra money.

I got to watch these shows because I usually had a baby-sitter, and I was able to talk them into letting me stay up. I still have fond memories of watching "The Green Slime" in the basement of the house, and my brother turning the light off at the top of the stairs, plunging the room into darkness, and scarring me for life.

The first time I saw Godzilla in any form, it was a movie poster in a store at Plaza 20 in my hometown. Check this out...

Sweet poster, eh?? Fire, ugly, peril, 7 year old mind went OFF!! Freaking POLLUTION CAME TO LIFE!!!

Here's the trailer:


Not good quality, but you get the idea. My Mom helped me put together models and I got t-shirts, etc...I have now seen every Godzilla film ever made, and they better as hell get this new one right. That horrible POS they put out in 1998 made me want to take a hostage.

I think the new one will be fine. Might have to go tonight...hmmm.