Back in the day, KISS was a MONSTER band. Larger than life indeed, and I ate it up. Saw them many times, had all the schwag, dolls, albums, get the idea.Every time they were on TV was a big deal back then because you actually got to see them up close! It was like on stage they were in their domain, but off they were on display. They talked! Kiss were not just crazy maniacs in suits and make up! They could speak well!

My favorite time the band came into our living rooms was with Tom Snyder. Tom was a very good interviewer, sharp guy, quick wit, and a little crazy himself. He would often be hitting on a cigarette (!!!) while on live television!! Yes, all this happened live!

Let's turn the clock back to Halloween of 1979, an appropriate time for the Creatures Of The Night to come on the Tomorrow Show for a little conversation, and more than a few laughs...

My favorite part? Ace is having the time of his life, and Gene and Paul are so pissed they can hardly stand it! 


KISS Meets Tom Snyder (Full Interview) from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

Calm down Gene, those idiots will be gone, and you can rule the EMPIRE soon enough...