Memories are triggered by music for me. Songs remind me of people. Of times and smells. Thoughts and feelings.

We gather here today to say goodbye to a musician who's music you might have loved, and you would not have known who he was at all.

The Outfield was gigantic in the mid 80's. Their album "Play Deep" was on charts everywhere. They had an infectious power pop sound with lots of hooks and harmonies. An exceptional band with exceptional songs.

The guitar player was John Spinks. He also sang the harmonies and wrote a lot of the songs. I liked their music, very very much. Still do.

When I first heard this morning that he died in England of liver cancer, I knew that I would post this for the blog.

From The 3x Platinum Album "Play Deep", The Outfield: "Say It Isn't So".

The band had just finished recording and writing some new material. Hope it comes out someday.

RIP Johnny