As you know, the music of my youth was shaped largely by MTV. But it was weird. You could watch an hour and get Pop, New Wave, Hair Metal, New Romantic and more. In one place!

I have a very melodic ear musically. Very "sweet" meaning even if it's agro, I want it to have a tune. Thusly, New Wave music really caught my ear. Kind of straddling the New Wave/Pop line were The Go-Go's. Girls finally found a band other than The Runaways they could get into that played their own instruments! And these girls were ready to go right out of the box! Kooky videos, catchy tunes and a real sense of fun!

They are back together for a summer tour (without my favorite GoGo, bassist Kathy Valentine. Catty Bitches.) So let's take a Vacation!

Like I said, fun. Here's one more, live in Central Park. And may I add, Kathy Valentine is still the hottest member in the band at this juncture!

Ah, Memories...