As discussed in Friday's entry, I did not end up doing anything over the weekend. Stuck around and watched the draft, some movies and shows instead. On Saturday, however, I did get out to The Wooden Nickel in Bloomfield for a remote at the 5th annual Car Show.

Car Show, Im'a talk about you but first, Bloomfield Highway. I think I speak for lots of people when I say WTF? I thought you were done! How long is this gonna take? People are growing old! Luckily, I only go out that way on Friday nights after you knock off for the day, but Cheese and Rice, kids!! I am starting to fear for the peace.

The Car Show, as always, was a great event. Lots of excellent vehicles of all kinds! Lots of great people wandering around, enjoying perfect weather. We'll get some pictures on the sight for you as soon as I remember to bring my fancy pants camera in to download them.

One thing that really stood out for me was the music. Marcie books great bands at The Nick, and Saturday was no different. NOISE is made up of 5 young guys who really jam, and you can tell they are having a lot of fun! Thumbs up guys! Keep going! I had never heard James and The Devil before and they came on and really rocked the casbah! I got a CD and look forward to playing it often.

Tomorrow: The return of BUNNY!!