Perhaps by now you have heard the story about the complete idiot who gave us all a thrill last night by walking down the finishing block of the upcoming Boston Marathon wearing a black dress, barefoot, and yelling "Boston Strong!!". He also had two backpacks. You know, like the backpack that exploded a year ago and killed and maimed innocent people? Yeah, that kind of backpack.

Exhibit A:

Well, the police decided to have a talk with him, (like you do) just to make sure he wasn't bat sh*t cray-cray, (because, you know, backpacks). Upon investigation, turns out our little nutjob was a "performance artist", along with many other things. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Kayvon Edson!

Exhibit B:

So...yeah. Looks like he's another attention starved, self serving, social media bottom feeder. Just glad nobody got hurt. It seems he is going to be sitting somewhere for awhile. Perhaps he'll get some help, get some meds, and really think about what he did.

But then again, maybe not. 'Merica!!!