FACT: Courtney Love is effing nuts! We have known this for a very, very long time. Well, Mrs. Cobain is letting slip the noose of reality again. She has some kind of vlog on You Tube that let's everyone know what crazy shite is crawling around that burned up skull of hers, and recently, she took time to comment on her affinity for roses, and how she has left 1/100th of her vast fortune to the development of a "Courtney Love" rose that will be "Silver and Glittery".

When the hell did she go all Mariah Carey?!?!?!!

Here's Court explaining the rose thing, and trying very hard not to pass out in a stupor of some kind. (Clue: I don't think it's from cold medicine. Or is it??)


If you don't have her in your Celebrity Death Pool, I might throw her in. Would be a great score.