A photo of Eddie Van Halen visiting Howie Weinberg’s mastering studio in Los Angeles has surfaced online, fueling speculation about possible activity in the Van Halen camp.

Weinberg who has logged 4 Grammy nominations, 4 TEC Awards, over 3000 releases, 200 Gold Records and an estimated quarter of a billion records sold, has worked with Van Halen before when he mastered their a 2012 album, "A Different Kind Of Truth."  Earlier this year, reports indicated the band were actively working on new music but nothing concrete was revealed.



Sully Erna says he will definitely release a second solo album. The Godsmack frontman released Avalon in 2010 and says he is always messing around with an acoustic guitar and coming up with ideas that wouldn't necessarily work for Godsmack, but that he tucks away for a future solo release.

He tells HardDrive: "The only thing I keep in my house is a drum set and acoustic guitar. I never really play electric at home. And because of that, whenever I'm noodling around, a lot of good ideas come up that are not always necessarily good for Godsmack. So I tuck those away. So, for sure, I'll do another solo album at some point. I don't know how long, because I'm still debating who I'm gonna use for the project."


In the meantime, Erna and his Godsmack cohorts will release their new disc 1000 Horsepower on August 5th.