What is Matt Shultz wearing in the new Cage The Elephant video?

Today,  Cage The Elephant  announce the release of their fifth studio album,  Social Cues , out April 19th via RCA Records.   Social Cues  is the follow up to their GRAMMY®-winning studio album  Tell Me I’m Pretty.  The albumis available for  pre-order  today. Today the band also share the first single from the forthcoming record, the deceptively upbeat “Ready To Let Go” with a video directed by lead singer Matt Shultz. 

The majority of the material on  Social Cues  was written during the unravelling of Shultz’s relationship. In order make sense of such a difficult experience, he explored the hidden recesses of his psyche, creating characters to tell different parts of his personal story. He explains, “it can be a  vehicle to act out things that are hard to confront.” He went on to say, "when I'm creating, I try to put myself in a reactive state of improvisational thought. I let images just arise in my mind and wait for it to evoke an emotional response and then when it does, I know I'm on to something. I was watching a lot of Fassbinder films, like  World on a Wire  and  The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant . I was thinking about their beauty coupled with the graphic surrealism of Aronofsky.”

Uhhh... ok. But WTF are you wearing in this and why can I not stop staring at it?!



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