5 Simple Ways You Can Help The Music Scene Get Back On Its Feet

The alternative and rock scenes has taken a hit, much like all other music scenes, due to the pandemic. Kerrang says that instead of dwelling on the negatives, there are five ways you can "help to be the change you wish to see" in the music world.

Supporting the bands that you love is a "no brainer", with Kerrang writing that "those supportive acts" may keep the "financial wolves from the door" of your favorite acts. Kerrang also suggests "supporting the things that support" your favorite band by speaking up in online forums and on social media.

By starting your own 'zine, podcast or blog about your favorite acts, you may have the fresh idea to help keep the scene on its feet.  Kerrang also reminds you that since "there are always ways for art and music to prosper", even through a pandemic, create your own music and share it with the world!

Above all, keep fighting the good fight for your favorite bands. There's strength in numbers if everyone contributes something, no matter how big or small.


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