High School Students Find Hidden Cameras In Their Hotel Rooms



Authorities have launched an investigation after a group of Wisconsin students from Madison East High School discovered hidden cameras had been installed in their hotel rooms at the Hyatt Regency while on a field trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

After the hotel was notified about the hidden cameras, they worked with the police to search every room in the hotel but did not locate any other recording devices. Officials do not believe the cameras were installed by anybody associated with the hotel. A spokesperson for the Madison Metropolitan School District told KSTP that they placed a staff member who was accompanying the students on administrative leave as a precaution, which is standard protocol. They did not say if the staff member was a suspect in the investigation.

It is unclear how long the cameras were in the rooms, and investigators are working to pull the footage to determine if they recorded any of the students or other guests who were staying in the bugged rooms.

Photo: Getty Images