This Week's Weird News

An amazing piece of ancient cave art depicting supernatural beings, a possible Bigfoot encounter from Russia, and pigeons spotted wearing cowboy hats were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desks this week.

Archaeologists studying cave art in Indonesia stumbled upon a remarkable ancient drawing that turned out to be rather historic. The 44,000-year-old scene constituted the oldest depiction of hunting ever crafted by human hands. Perhaps even more amazing than that was the nature of the hunters in the picture as they were shown as animal-human hybrids, which scientists say is the earliest drawing of a supernatural being ever discovered and likely a glimpse into the distant past when the concept of religion was first beginning to emerge in our species.

While it's not altogether uncommon for a Bigfoot sighting to make the news here in America, an interesting story this past week saw a potential Sasquatch encounter in Russia capture the attention of the media in that country. The case in question centered around a puzzling video featuring what appeared to be a bipedal creature chasing after a car full of terrified passengers and was investigated by a Russian cryptozoologist who expressed confidence that, indeed, the 'star' of the video was a Yeti.

For some strange reason, birds swooped through the news cycle this past week by way of two very odd stories. First, in Las Vegas, animal welfare workers expressed concern following several sightings of pigeons wearing, of all things, tiny cowboy hats. How and why the birds wound up with the weird headwear remains a mystery. Meanwhile, over in Wales, authorities were investigating an unsettling case in which hundreds of starlings seemingly dropped to the ground and died in the middle of a road. Much like the cowboy hat-clad pigeons, the cause of this particular incident has also yet to be determined.

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