The Best Cake Shop In New Mexico Promises A Sweet Escape

Close-Up Of Cake Slice On White Table

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Desserts bring happiness to many people, and for those with a sweet tooth, there are few delights that beat enjoying a slice of cake to end a savory meal.

Cake is a versatile treat. It can be served for celebrations or it can be the perfect choice for an afternoon or midnight snack. Cake can also come in many layers and flavors from triple chocolate, to carrot, to red velvet, to classic vanilla. The spongey sweet is spectacular for all these reasons, but out of all the options out there, there has to be the best of the best. wasted no time revealing a "catwalk of cakes" — in other words, the best cake shop in every state in the country:

"Whatever the occasion – wedding, birthday, graduation, or baby shower – you’re going to need a good cake. These shops make exceptional creations, from candy-inspired cakes and tropical fruit wonders to incredible, multi-tiered Champagne-spiked constructions. Read on to find the best cake shop in your state."

In New Mexico, the best cake shop is Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique in Albuquerque:

"One of the most-loved cake shops in New Mexico, Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique was opened by Air Force veteran Queneesha Meyers in 2009. At the storefront you can get cakes by the slice in flavors like red velvet, chocolate, Key lime, and Neapolitan, plus cupcakes, brownies, bars, and pies. Meanwhile, whole cakes are made to order, and customers love the attention to detail."

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